R v Mizanur Rahman – Inviting support for ISIS (co-defendant was Anjem Choudary).
R v Runa Khan – Disseminating terrorist publications via Facebook to encourage jihad in Syria. (Pleaded guilty)
R v Usman Saddique & ors – ‘Airline Liquid Bomb’ plot to explode seven airplanes over the Atlantic in August 2006. (Acquitted) VHCC
R v Abdul Jalil & ors – ‘Dirty bomb’ manufacture alleged to be used for mass terrorist killing. (Pleaded guilty) VHCC
R v Mouloud Bouhrama & ors – Chemical weapons [Ricin] manufacture alleged to be preparation for mass terrorist killing. (Acquitted) VHCC

Fraud and Financial Regulation

R v Yuganthini Thayaparan – Money laundering conspiracy of more than £100 million. VHCC
R v SM & ors – Conspiracy to cheat HMRC.
R v Sukhdip Sander & ors – Conspiracy to commit ‘long firm’ fraud of £1.2 million.
R v Alpesh Patel & ors – Bank fraud conspiracy valued at over £15 million.
R v Choudry Maroof & ors – Credit card fraud conspiracy valued at over £2 million.
R v Joyti De-Laurey & ors – Goldman Sachs secretary who used forgery and deception to obtain over £4 million from bosses.
R v Malcolm Gell & ors – Excise/VAT diversion fraud valued at over £100 million.
R v Malcolm Gell & ors – Excise/VAT diversion fraud valued at over £30 million.
R v N C & ors – Solicitor alleged to be party to defrauding land registry.
R v Zarina Mahmood & ors – Bank fraud conspiracy valued at over £1.25 million.
R v Dilbagh Singh – Dept. of Health fraud conspiracy valued at over £1.25 million.
R v Anthony Ijomanta & ors – Advance fee fraud conspiracy between Nigeria and UK.
R v Muhamed Iqbal – Second largest ever conspiracy to produce forged passports (x 450) valued at over £1.5 million.
R v Zarina Patel & ors – Largest ever illegal immigration conspiracy (bogus marriages) involving 28 defendants.


R v Hai Ban Tran & 23 Ors -Conspiracy to produce cannabis. VHCC (largest ever)
R v Troy Alleyne & ors – Conspiracy to supply crack cocaine valued at over £50 million: dubbed the “bling bling gang”.
R v R.W. – Importation of 3 tonnes of cannabis valued at over £10 million.
R v Henry Mumford & ors – Conspiracy to produce largest ever quantity of amphetamine sulphate valued at £6 million.
R v Jason Smith – Conspiracy to supply heroin valued at over £1 million.
R v Desmond Black & ors – Conspiracy to supply heroin and firearms (Operation Trident).


R v Zatoon Bibi (2016) – Murder by strangulation of ex-lover. Body dumped in boot of car.
R v Sam Arnold (2016) – Alleged murder of drug dealer. (Acquitted)
R v AG (2016) – Alleged murder by beating in tube station by 17 year old. (Negotiated plea to manslaughter)
R v Zoeb Majid (2015) – Alleged murder and robbery of vulnerable woman in Birmingham. (Acquitted of murder)
R v Gibson Mazikana (2015) – alleged murder of ex partner by repeated stabbing with two knives. (Ongoing)
R v Vladlens Ignashko (2015) – Murder by beating following a drinking session.
R v Zaiem Zulqurnain (2015) – Alleged murder by stabbing in Nottingham city centre. (Acquitted)
R v Darren Quainoo (2015) – Gang related stabbing in residential street in Southend. (Acquitted following half time submissions of murder and conspiracy to GBH)
R v Bharat Soma (2014) – honour based double attempted murder in Leicester of ex fiancé and her new lover after being jilted
R v Gino Sawyers (2014) – Gang beating of 53 year old victim following argument in community centre. (Acquitted following half time submissions on murder and manslaughter)
R v Kristofer Guler (2014) – murder by stabbing in a public street
R v TW (2014) – allegation of attempted murder in series of contract killing hits.
R v RM (2014) – allegation of murder and attempted murder where surviving complainant had his nose chopped off.
R v Mark Hannell (2013) – alleged murder following an attack by a gang. (Secured discontinuance of murder charge)
R v RW (2013) – 16 year old defendant. Gang related fatal shooting of rival gang leader. (Acquitted of murder)
R v Pirughan Kunaratnam & ors (2013) – battering to death of victim with a cricket bat in alleged gang related fight in Lewisham. (Acquitted of murder)
R v Hassan Tonbul & ors (2013) – defendant allegedly involved in an ongoing feud between Turkish gangs in North London which resulted in an execution. (Secured discontinuance of murder charge)
R v VO & ors – 17 year old accused of gang related murder of 16 year old.
R v Daniel Rogers – Defendant with Tourette’s Syndrome accused of murdering a taxi driver.
R v Michael Jachimowicz – alleged killing of father and burying of body in the garden. (Acquitted of murder)
R v PP & ors – honour killing of co-defendants mother’s lover. (Acquitted of murder)
R v GF – Broadmoor patient accused of double murder, attempted murder and rapes.
R v Christopher Wilkins – attempted murder (stabbing) in a street fight. (Acquitted)
R v Asburn Morrison– attempted murder (stabbing) at a blues party.
R v Jermaine Pearcy & ors – double attempted murder (shooting) at a nightclub. (Acquitted of murder)
R v Timothy Merchant – double attempted murder (shooting) & conspiracy to pervert justice.
R v Robert Jones – Defendant with Asperger’s Syndrome and Schizophrenia stabbed mother in the head.
R v Sabra Sultana & ors – “Thumb that fell from the sky” murder.
R v Sean Edwards – gangland stabbing. (Acquitted of attempted murder)
R v Mahmuda Khatun – stabbing to death of husband after abusive arranged marriage.
R v Marcel Anderson – punch in fight resulting in death of 60 year old victim. (Acquitted of murder)
R v Gabriel Alecu & ors – gangland beating to death of victim in back of ambulance.
R v Imran Khan – stabbing to death in street gang dispute.
R v Manoj Mistry & ors – kidnapping, strangulation and burning to death of love rival.
R v Myriam Conte – stabbing to death of student by housemate (Acquitted of murder)
R v Terry Steadman & ors – beating to death of elderly man in random street assault. (Acquitted of murder)
R v Ranjit Sohal – beating to death of wife with hammer after domestic argument.
R v Kalvinder Dosanjh – soliciting to murder of own daughter as an ‘honour killing’.
R v Paul Jones & ors – hit man contract killing (shooting) of a business rival.
R v Colin Crawley & ors – attempted murder (shooting) of former business partner.
R v Francis Pope & ors – double attempted murder (shooting) at nightclub. (Acquitted of murder)
R v Pauline Drinkwater – manslaughter/aiding & abetting suicide of husband in suicide pact.

Robbery / Handling

R v Soloman Beyene – Conspiracy to rob Graff jewellers. £40 million worth of jewels stolen.
R v Lynnden Willoughby & or – Conspiracy to steal computer equipment valued at over £25 million.
R v Jagdev Shergill & ors – Conspiracy to handle computer goods valued at over £7 million.
R v Abdul Awada – Conspiracy to handle mobile phones valued at over £1 million.
R v Michael Walker & ors – Armed robbery by gang who murdered victim in course of one robbery.
R v David Samuel & ors – Conspiracy to rob in a string of Securicor van hold ups.